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Day Date No. Topic W 6-Sep 1 An introduction to animal behavior Ch 1 3-23

Summary: Day Date No. Topic
W 6-Sep 1 An introduction to animal behavior Ch 1 3-23
F 8-Sep No section
M 11-Sep 2 A history of the study of animal behavior Ch 2 27-53
W 13-Sep 3 Natural selection, evolution and behavior Ch 3 55-79
F 15-Sep Essential information
M 18-Sep 4 Genes, development and behavior Ch 3 & 4 80-95, 130-139
W 20-Sep 5 Mechanisms and behavior Ch 5 142-172
F 22-Sep Reading and thinking as a scientist
M 25-Sep 6 Ecology, environment and behavior Suppl. Suppl. 1
W 27-Sep 7 Comparative approach and macroevolution Ch 6 175-186
F 29-Sep Scientific writing and communication
M 2-Oct 8 Observations and experimental design Suppl. Suppl. 2
W 4-Oct 9 Theoretical approaches to studying behavior Suppl. Suppl. 3
F 6-Oct Discussion: What's the best approach?
M 9-Oct 10 Foraging Ch 7 209-225
W 11-Oct 11 Predation Ch 6 187-205
F 13-Oct Experimental design practice
M 16-Oct 12 Habitat selection Ch 8 241-263
W 18-Oct 13 Territorial defense Ch 6 264-272


Source: Alonzo, Suzanne H. - Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Biology and Medicine