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Traffic noise exposure estimation using GIS Jonas Ard & Emilie Stroh

Summary: Traffic noise exposure estimation using GIS
Jonas Ardö & Emilie Stroh
, Jonas Björk
and Maria Albin
Objectives: This study estimated the exposure of the popula-
tion in southern Sweden to noise from road traffic.
Methodology: Based on the Nordic prediction method for road
traffic noise, we estimated the A-weighted energy equivalent con-
tinuous sound pressure level during full day (24 hr; LAeq,24,
The road traffic data include 21 397 road segments, 17 339 ad-
ministrated by Swedish Road Administration and 4 058 by local
municipalities. The number of vehicles was available for 82% of
the road segments and speed limits were available for >95% of the
segments. Approximately 71% of the input data are from 1995 or
newer. For road segments without traffic data, mean values were
assigned to each segment based on existing data.
Using the number of vehicles (light and heavy) and the speed
limit for each road segment, LAeq,24 were calculated for each 25
meter zone up to 300 meter from the road center using a sim-


Source: Ardö, Jonas - Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, Lunds Universitet


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Geosciences