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Verifying Programs with Unreliable (Extended Abstract)

Summary: Verifying Programs with Unreliable
(Extended Abstract)
Parosh Abdulla and Bengt Jonsson
Dept. of Computer Systems, Uppsala University \Lambda
December 8, 1992
The research on algorithmic verification methods for concurrent and parallel
systems has mostly focussed on finite­state systems, with applications in e.g. com­
munication protocols and hardware systems. For infinite­state systems, e.g. systems
that operate on data from unbounded domains, algorithmic verification is more dif­
ficult, since most verification problems are in general undecidable. In this paper,
we consider the verification of a particular class of infinite­state systems, namely
systems consisting of finite­state processes that communicate via unbounded lossy
FIFO channels. This class is able to model e.g. link protocols such as the Alter­
nating Bit Protocol and HDLC. The unboundedness of the channels makes these
systems infinite­state. For this class of systems, we show that several interesting
verification problems are decidable by giving algorithms for verifying the following
classes of properties.
1. The reachability problem: is a set of given states of such a system reachable


Source: Abdulla, Parosh Aziz - Department of Information Technology, Uppsala Universitet


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences