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Course Syllabus SCED 517S Fall 2007

Summary: Course Syllabus
SCED 517S Fall 2007
1 credit (repeatable to 3 credits total)
Class Meetings
Summer Institute September 19-21 & Tuesday evenings 5:00-6:30PM (biweekly) SMATE 210
Course Description
You will improve your skills in communicating science by:
Understanding the role of scientists in furthering scientific literacy for all;
Enhancing your ability to know and understand your audience;
Developing a functional understanding of best teaching practices that deepen the learning of
undergraduate students and/or other audiences
This elective course is open to WWU Graduate Science Teaching Assistants (Geology, Biology,
Environmental Science and Chemistry) and WWU Graduate Science Education Teaching Assistants.
The course has two separate components: 1) A 3-day Summer Institute where you will participate in an
inquiry-immersion experience and engage in discussions about learning; 2) Yearlong, biweekly graduate
seminars on the communicating, learning and teaching of science. These seminars will last 90 minutes
and be held in the evening. Ideally, you will enroll in all 3 quarters, but each quarter can also be taken
individually, as long as you have participated in the Summer Institute.
Attendance at the 3-day Summer Institute (September 19th


Source: Acevedo, Alejandro - Department of Biology, Western Washington University


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