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Dynamic update of succinct triangulations

Summary: Dynamic update of succinct
CCCG - august 2005
Luca Castelli Aleardi
(joint work with Olivier Devillers and Gilles Schaeffer)
Projet Geometrica LIX
INRIA Sophia-Antipolis Ecole Polytechnique
Dynamic update of succinct triangulations ­ p.1/50
Compact representations
Given a class Cm of objects of size m, the goal is to design a
space efficient data structure such that:
ˇ queries on objects are answered in constant time;
ˇ the encoding is succinct: the cost of an object R Cm
matches asymptotically the entropy of the class
size(R) = log2 Cm (1 + o(1))
ˇ or compact: we content of a cost
size(R) = O( Cm )
ˇ for dynamic data structures: updates are supported in
m) amortized time


Source: Aleardi, Luca Castelli - Département d'Informatique, Université Libre de Bruxelles


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences