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Definition Synaptic Integration in Dendritic Trees

Summary:  Definition
Synaptic Integration in Dendritic Trees
Propagation of Action Potentials in Dendrites
Depends on Dendritic Morphology
Diversity and Dynamics of Dendritic Signaling
Dendritic arbor development and
Emerging rules for the distributions of active
dendritic conductances
One possible function of dendritic trees is to spatially isolate
synaptic inputs to enhance their summation at the site of
action potential generation.
Dendrites possess many of the active conductances
traditionally associated with the soma and axon of neurons
Depending on their voltage dependence, ionic specificity, and
kinetics, dendritically expressed voltage-gated channels have
the potential to amplify, dampen, and shape synaptic
responses as they propagate through the dendritic tree.
Synaptic events are conductance changes, rather than
voltage sources, and their interaction is significantly


Source: Alford, Simon - Department of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago


Collections: Biology and Medicine