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Extending the HPKB-Upper-Level Ontology: Experiences and Observations

Summary: Extending the HPKB-Upper-Level Ontology:
Experiences and Observations
Stuart Aitken

Abstract. This paper describes our experience of extending the
HPKB-upper-level ontology. Reuse by extension is key to reuse of
generic upper-level ontologies, and we report on the use of structur-
ing principles in this task. We argue that the documentation of de-
sign rationale is key to the reuse of this type of ontology, and that the
HPKB-upper-level ontology would benefit from reorganisation.
This paper describes an extension to the HPKB-upper-level ontology
to cover information sources in more detail. The HPKB-upper-level
ontology, which is available from the Ontolingua server [7], is in-
tended for use in solving the "challenge problems" which have been
devised as technology testbeds on the DARPA High Performance
Knowledge Bases (HPKB) project [5]. AIAI are part of the HPKB
programme. A major component of the first challenge problem re-
quires searching the Web for information to answer queries about a
(hypothetical) political crisis; the ability to characterise Web-based


Source: Aitken, Stuart - Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences