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Long-range oncogenic activation of Ighc-myc translocations by the Igh 39 regulatory region

Summary: LETTERS
Long-range oncogenic activation of Igh­c-myc
translocations by the Igh 39 regulatory region
Monica Gostissa1,2,3,4
, Catherine T. Yan1,2,3,4
, Julia M. Bianco1,2,3,4
, Michel CogneŽ5
, Eric Pinaud5
& Frederick W. Alt1,2,3,4
B-cell malignancies, such as human Burkitt's lymphoma, often
contain translocations that link c-myc or other proto-oncogenes
to the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus (IgH, encoded by Igh)1
The nature of elements that activate oncogenes within such trans-
locations has been a long-standing question. Translocations within
Igh involve DNA double-strand breaks initiated either by the
RAG1/2 endonuclease during variable, diversity and joining gene
segment (V(D)J) recombination, or by activation-induced cytidine
deaminase (AID, also known as AICDA) during class switch
recombination (CSR)2­4


Source: Alt,, Frederick - Immune Disease Institute, Harvard University


Collections: Biology and Medicine