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Multimodal Design for Enactive Toys A. de Gotzen, L. Mion, F. Avanzini1

Summary: Multimodal Design for Enactive Toys
A. de GĻotzen, L. Mion, F. Avanzini1
, and S. Serafin2
Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova
Medialogy Department, Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark
{degotzen,luca.mion,avanzini}@dei.unipd.it, sts@imi.aau.dk
Abstract. In this paper we will investigate how non­visual senses can
be used in toys to enhance and enrich the play experience of all children,
while favoring accessibility and inclusion of visually-impaired children.
Previous research has shown that ­ especially for young children devel-
oping sensory-motor skills ­ exploration and play are two tightly linked
activities: everything is new and needs to be "investigated" and play-
ful behaviors emerge from active exploration. We will propose a new
approach in designing and creating objects that elicit this type of behav-
ior and encourage exploration by providing real­time dynamic, haptic,
tactile, auditory, and even olfactory feedback depending on children's


Source: Avanzini, Federico - Department of Information Engineering, Universitā degli Studi di Padova


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences