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New On-Line Algorithms for the Page Replication Problem Susanne Albersy Hisashi Kogaz

Summary: New On-Line Algorithms for the Page Replication Problem
Susanne Albersy Hisashi Kogaz
We present improved competitive on-line algorithms for the page replication problem and
concentrate on important network topologies for which algorithms with a constant compet-
itive ratio can be given. We develop an optimal randomized on-line replication algorithm
for trees and uniform networks; its competitive ratio is approximately 1.58. This perfor-
mance holds against oblivious adversaries. We also give a randomized memoryless replica-
tion algorithm for trees and uniform networks that is 2-competitive against adaptive on-line
adversaries. Furthermore we consider on-line replication algorithms for rings and present
general techniques that transform c-competitive algorithms for trees into 2c-competitive al-
gorithms for rings. As a result we obtain a randomized on-line algorithm for rings that is
3.16-competitive. We also derive two 4-competitive on-line algorithms for rings which are
either deterministic or randomized and memoryless. Again, the randomized results hold
against oblivious adversaries. Apart from these techniques, we nally give a randomized
memoryless replication algorithm for rings that is 4-competitive against adaptive on-line
1 Introduction
This paper deals with problems that arise in the memory management of large multiprocessor
systems. Such multiprocessing environments typically consist of a network of processors, each


Source: Albers, Susanne - Institut für Informatik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences