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Re ective -calculus Jesse Alt and Sergei Artemov ?

Summary: Re ective -calculus
Jesse Alt and Sergei Artemov ?
Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY 14853, U.S.A.
jma35@cornell.edu, artemov@cs.cornell.edu
Abstract. We introduce a general purpose typed -calculus  1 which
contains intuitionistic logic, is capable of internalizing its own derivations
as -terms and yet enjoys strong normalization with respect to a natural
reduction system. In particular,  1 subsumes the typed -calculus. The
Curry-Howard isomorphism converting intuitionistic proofs into -terms
is a simple instance of the internalization property of  1 . The standard
semantics of  1 is given by a proof system with proof checking capaci-
ties. The system  1 is a theoretical prototype of re ective extensions of
a broad class of type-based systems in programming languages, provers,
AI and knowledge representation, etc.
1 Introduction
According to the Curry-Howard isomorphism, the calculus of intuitionistic pro-
positions (types) and the calculus of typed -terms (proof terms) constitute a
pair of isomorphic though distinct structures. Combining those logical and com-
putational universes has been considered a major direction in theoretical logic


Source: Artemov, Sergei N. - Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences