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Computing with Faulty Shared Objects Yehuda Afek

Summary: Computing with Faulty Shared Objects
Yehuda Afek
Tel­Aviv University and AT&T Bell Laboratories
David S. Greenberg
Sandia National Laboratories
Michael Merritt
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Gadi Taubenfeld
AT&T Bell Laboratories
This paper investigates the effects of the failure of shared objects on distributed systems. First
the notion of a faulty shared object is introduced. Then upper and lower bounds on the space
complexity of implementing reliable shared objects are provided.
Shared object failures are modeled as instantaneous and arbitrary changes to the state of the
object. Several constructions of non­faulty wait­free shared objects from a set of shared objects,
some of which may suffer any number of faults, are presented. Three of these constructions are: (1)
A reliable atomic read/write register from 20f + 8 atomic read/write registers f of which may be
faulty, (2) a reliable test&set register for n processes from n+ 10 primitive test&set registers, one


Source: Afek, Yehuda - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences