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Engineering Mathematics II: Math 152 Sections 504, 505, 506

Summary: Engineering Mathematics II: Math 152
Sections 504, 505, 506
Fall 2007, MWF 9:1010:00 in HELD 111
Professor: Michael Anshelevich, 326 Milner, manshel@math.tamu.edu.
Webpage: www.math.tamu.edu/~manshel/m152/m152.html.
Office hours: MWF 10:1011:10, or by appointment.
TA: J. Hitchcock. Labs:
Section 504, T 8:008:50 in CE 223 and R 8:008:50 in BLOC 127.
Section 505, T 11:1012:00 in ENPH 206 and R 11:1012:00 in BLOC 127.
Section 506, T 12:451:35 in CE 137 and R 12:451:35 in BLOC 125.
Text: Stewart, Calculus: Early Vectors (Aggie Version), preliminary version, Brooks/Cole Publish-
ing, 1999, ISBN 0534493483. The computer laboratory will also use Calclabs with Maple, also
published by Brooks/Cole.
Course description: Credit 4.
Techniques of integration (Chapters 6, 8).
Applications of integration: area, volume, arc length, work, hydrostatic force, center of
mass and first order differential equations (Chapters 7, 9).
Sequences, series and power series (Chapter 10).
3D vectors, dot and cross products and lines and planes (Sections 11.111.4).
The course meets for three hours per week in lecture with your professor and twice per week in


Source: Anshelevich, Michael - Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University


Collections: Mathematics