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Novel Phase Change Inks for Printing Three-Dimensional Veronika Chovancova-Lovell ,

Summary: Novel Phase Change Inks for Printing Three-Dimensional
Veronika Chovancova-Lovell ,
, Alexandra Pekarovicova and Paul D. Fleming III
Department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging, Center for Ink and Printability
Research, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008
Abstract. Based on recent progress, nonimpact printing techniques
can deliver the next generation of materials for an extensive set of
novel applications. A novel hot melt ink composition, useful for
three-dimensional (3D) printing comprising different waxes, tackifier
and plasticizer resins, rheology modifiers, and gas releasing agents,
was designed. The behavior of the inks was comparable to commer-
cial hot melt inks without gas releasing agents. The hot melt ink
properties promise a possibility of use in a conventional phase-
change printer in order to create 3D printed structures. Differential
scanning calorimetry was used to evaluate thermal properties of the
ink components and the extensive study of the thermal behavior of
the proposed gas releasing agents has been carried out. The rhe-
ology behavior of inks was measured, and printability analysis, such
as image detail, definition of dots (height, sharpness of the edges),


Source: Abubakr, Said - Department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Imaging, Western Michigan University


Collections: Engineering