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Interaction-Aware Prediction of Business Intelligence Workload Completion Times

Summary: Interaction-Aware Prediction of Business
Intelligence Workload Completion Times
Mumtaz Ahmad #
, Songyun Duan
, Ashraf Aboulnaga #
, Shivnath Babu
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA
Abstract-- While planning the execution of report-generation
workloads, database administrators often need to know how long
different query workloads will take to run. Database systems run
mixes of multiple queries of different types concurrently. Hence,
estimating the completion time of a query workload requires
reasoning about query mixes and inter-query interactions in
the mixes; rather than considering queries or query types in
isolation. This paper presents a novel approach for estimating
workload completion time based on experiment-driven modeling
and simulation of the impact of inter-query interactions. A


Source: Aboulnaga, Ashraf - School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences