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Permanent electric dipoles in B 1 states of NaRb

Summary: Permanent electric dipoles in B 1
and D 1
states of NaRb:
Experiment and theory
O. Nikolayeva, I. Klincare, M. Auzinsh, M. Tamanis, and R. Ferber
Department of Physics, University of Latvia, Riga LV-1586, Latvia
E. A. Pazyuk, A. V. Stolyarov, and A. Zaitsevskii
Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University, Moscow 119899, Russia
R. Cimiraglia
Dipartimento di Chimica, Universita´ di Ferrara, Via Borsari 46, I-44100, Ferrara, Italy
Received 26 April 2000; accepted 27 June 2000
The paper presents experimentally obtained permanent electric dipole moment values ( ) in
electronically excited B 1
and D 1
states of 23
Rb and 23
Rb isotopomer molecules for a
number of vibrational and rotational levels (v ,J ). The method is based on measuring relative


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics