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Structural and Dynamic Changes in Concurrent Systems: Reconfigurable Petri Nets

Summary: Structural and Dynamic Changes in Concurrent
Systems: Reconfigurable Petri Nets
Marisa Llorens and Javier Oliver
Abstract--The aim of this work is the modeling and verification of concurrent systems subject to dynamic changes using extensions of
Petri nets. We begin by introducing the notion of net rewriting system. In a net rewriting system, a system configuration is described as
a Petri net and a change in configuration is described as a graph rewriting rule. We show that net rewriting systems are Turing
powerful, that is, the basic decidable properties of Petri nets are lost and, thus, automatic verification in not possible for this class. A
subclass of net rewriting systems are reconfigurable Petri nets. In a reconfigurable Petri net, a change in configuration amounts to the
modification of the flow relations of the places in the domain of the involved rule according to this rule, independently of the context in
which this rewriting applies. We show that reconfigurable Petri nets are formally equivalent to Petri nets. This equivalence ensures that
all the fundamental properties of Petri nets are still decidable for reconfigurable Petri nets and this model is thus amenable to automatic
verification tools. Therefore, the expressiveness of both models is the same, but, with reconfigurable Petri nets, we can easily and
directly model systems that change their structure dynamically.
Index Terms--Theory of computation, computation by abstract devices, models of computation, relations between models, modes of
computation, parallelism and concurrency.
APetri net [19], [20] is a formalism to model, analyze,
simulate, control, and evaluate the behavior of
distributed and concurrent systems. This formalism, how-


Source: Alpuente, María - Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación, Universitat Politècnica de València


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences