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3.1.1 The History of the Department for the First Fifty Years, 1956-2006 3.1.1.a Early History

Summary: 3.1.1 The History of the Department for the First Fifty Years, 1956-2006
3.1.1.a Early History
The beginning of the Bar-Ilan mathematics department coincides with the
opening of the university in the mid 1950's. Recruiting faculty members was a
serious problem at that time, since the university had not yet been accredited. Many
of the early staff members remained only for a short time. For many years the
department was reinforced by prominent part-time lecturers from other institutions:
Professors Aviezri Fraenkel from the Weizmann Institute, Hillel Furstenberg from the
Hebrew University, and Pinchas Rabinowitz from the Weizmann Institute. Other
faculty members, Dr. Shmuel Schreiber in Computer Science and Dr. Mitchell Snyder
in Statistics, had positions in the army and in industry, respectively. There was, in
addition, a "teaching track" with full-time faculty members who did not have research
appointments and carried a double load of teaching responsibilities. As the number
of qualified applicants for research positions increased, this track was gradually
phased out by retirements, with the last faculty member on the teaching track retiring
in October, 2009.
3.1.1.b Student Recruitment
At the beginning of the 70's, the student body was mostly female, religious girls
and women who were planning to be teachers of mathematics. After the introduction
of the Computer Science track, the profile of the student body began to shift. The


Source: Adin, Ron - Department of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University


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