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!#"$%'&$")(103245"678 &69@A")5B CEDF2G&$")IH Michael ROY1*, Frederic NICOLIER2, Sebti FOUFOU1, Frederic TRUCHETET1,

Summary:  ¢¡£¡¥¤¦¡£¡£§¨¤¦©¤¦¡£!#"$§¨%'&$")(103245"67©8 ¢&69@A")5B§ CEDF2G&$")IH
Micha¨el ROY1*, Fr´ed´eric NICOLIER2, Sebti FOUFOU1, Fr´ed´eric TRUCHETET1,
Andreas KOSCHAN3 and Mongi ABIDI3
1 Le2i, IUT du Creusot, 12 rue de la fonderie, 71200 Le Creusot, FRANCE
2 LAM, IUT de Troyes, 9 rue de Qu´ebec, 10026 Troyes Cedex, FRANCE
3 IRIS Lab, 334 Ferris Hall, Knoxville, TN, 37996-2100, USA
This paper describes a method to compare an original mesh and its simplified representation. Meshes considered here
contain geometric features as well as other surface attributes such as material colors, texture, temperature, and radiation,
etc. Many simplification algorithms have been presented in literature. In this paper we present a new method to assess
mesh simplification algorithm quality according to the appearance attributes. This assessment allows the appreciation of
local quality and the computation of global quality statistics of a simplified mesh. The method can be easily and quickly
used. We present a fast algorithm to sample the surface of a triangular mesh. The sampling technique increases the
assessment resolution and the statistic precision.
Keywords: Quality assessment, mesh simplification, appearance attributes, surface sampling.
Many applications generate very complex meshes (such as modelers, 3D scanning, etc.). High quality meshes are usually
very dense and contain geometric data as well as appearance data. Geometric data describe the surface and the dimension
of the mesh. Appearance data, called attributes, represent information describing the aspect of the mesh such as colors,
texture, etc. High quality mesh manipulation is usually costly. Many mesh simplification algorithms have been presented


Source: Abidi, Mongi A. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tennessee


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences