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ore than just a bone-strength-ener, calcium plays a vital

Summary: M
ore than just a bone-strength-
ener, calcium plays a vital
communications role in almost
every type of cell. It is involved in the
chemical signalling that controls muscle
contractions, nerve firing, expression
of genes, secretion of hormones, saliva
and digestive enzymes, and many other
The importance of calcium has been
recognised for some time, and as the abil-
ity to measure calcium concentrations
inside cells has improved, it has become
clear that calcium signalling is a highly
complex process.
Calcium concentrations inside cells
oscillate in response to stimulation, and it
is thought that in many cases the signal is
carried, not by the size of the oscillation,


Source: Addis, Donna Rose - Department of Psychology, University of Auckland


Collections: Biology and Medicine