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Quick deposition of a fluid on the wall of a tube Pascale Aussillous and David Quere

Quick deposition of a fluid on the wall of a tube
Pascale Aussillous and David QueŽreŽ
Laboratoire de Physique de la Matie`re CondenseŽe, URA 792 du CNRS, Colle`ge de France,
75231 Paris Cedex 05, France
Received 30 December 1999; accepted 13 June 2000
We are interested in the amount of fluid left behind a drop moved inside a capillary tube. Long ago,
Taylor showed that for very viscous liquids moved at small velocities, the film thickness is a
monotonic increasing function of the capillary number. New data obtained with liquids of low
viscosity are reported here and compared with Taylor's law. Two successive effects are observed:
above a threshold in capillary number, the film is thicker than a Taylor film; at a very high speed,
the deposition law becomes a decreasing function of the drop velocity. Both behaviors are analyzed
thanks to scaling arguments and shown to be consequences of inertia. © 2000 American Institute
of Physics. S1070-6631 00 00610-3
If a drop of a wetting liquid is displaced by air in a tube,
the tube remains wet behind the drop Fig. 1 . We note V the
deposition velocity, r the tube radius, and h the thickness of
the remaining film.
A very classical and practical problem is the knowl-


Source: Aussillous, Pascale - Polytech Marseille


Collections: Physics; Engineering