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Vol. 22, January/February 2010 Journal of Essential Oil Research/23 J. communis

Summary: Vol. 22, January/February 2010 Journal of Essential Oil Research/23
J. communis
Received: December 2007
Revised: January 2008
Accepted: July 2008
The Leaf Essential Oils of Juniperus communis L.
Varieties in North America and the NMR and MS
Data for Isoabienol
Robert P. Adams,*
Biology Department, Baylor University, Box 727, Gruver, TX, 79040, USA
P.S. Beauchamp, Vasu Dev and Radha M. Bathala,
Department of Chemistry, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA, 91768, USA
This is first report on the composition of the leaf essential oils of J. communis L. varieties from the Western
Hemisphere. The oil of Juniperus communis var. jackii had the most distinct oil and contained moderate amounts
of a-pinene (16.118.9%), d-3-carene (17.928.4%) and b-phellandrene (9.213.4%) along with several diterpenes
including isoabienol. Juniperus communis var. charlottensis oil had a very high concentration of a-pinene (59.3%),
with moderate amounts of b-pinene (5.9%), d-3-carene (3.6%) and b-phellandrene (2.9%). The oil of J. communis
var. depressa was dominated by a-pinene (53.9%), d-3-carene (9.3%) and b-pinene (5.5%) and was a little unusual in
also containing citronellol, citronellyl acetate, neryl acetate and geranyl acetate with no diterpenes. The oil of J. com-


Source: Adams, Robert P. - Department of Biology, Baylor University


Collections: Biology and Medicine