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Fluorescence of rubidium in a submicrometer vapor cell: spectral resolution of atomic

Summary: Fluorescence of rubidium in a submicrometer
vapor cell: spectral resolution of atomic
transitions between Zeeman sublevels in a
moderate magnetic field
D. Sarkisyan, A. Papoyan, and T. Varzhapetyan
Institute for Physical Research, Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Ashtarak-2, 378410, Armenia
K. Blushs and M. Auzinsh
Department of Physics, University of Latvia, 19 Rainis Boulevard, Riga LV-1586, Latvia
Received April 6, 2004; accepted August 7, 2004; revised manuscript received August 23, 2004
It is experimentally demonstrated that use of an extremely thin cell (ETC) with the thickness of a Rb atomic
vapor column of 400 nm allows one to resolve a large number of individual transitions between Zeeman sub-
levels of the D1 line of 87
Rb and 85
Rb in the sub-Doppler fluorescence excitation spectra in an external mag-
netic field of 200 G. It is revealed that due to the peculiarities of the Zeeman effect for different hyperfine
levels of Rb, all allowed transitions between magnetic sublevels can be clearly resolved for 87
Rb Fg 1
Fe 1, 2 and Fg 2 Fe 1, 2 fluorescence excitation. Also, relatively good spectral resolution can be
achieved for 85
Rb Fg 2 Fe 2, 3 fluorescence excitation. Some partial resolution of transitions between


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics