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Parallelism Orchestration using DoPE: the Degree of Parallelism Executive

Summary: Parallelism Orchestration using
DoPE: the Degree of Parallelism Executive
Arun Raman Hanjun Kim Taewook Oh Jae W. Lee David I. August
Princeton University Parakinetics Inc.
Princeton, NJ Princeton, NJ
{rarun, hanjunk, twoh, august}@princeton.edu leejw@parakinetics.com
In writing parallel programs, programmers expose parallelism and
optimize it to meet a particular performance goal on a single plat-
form under an assumed set of workload characteristics. In the
field, changing workload characteristics, new parallel platforms,
and deployments with different performance goals make the pro-
grammer's development-time choices suboptimal. To address this
problem, this paper presents the Degree of Parallelism Executive
(DoPE), an API and run-time system that separates the concern of
exposing parallelism from that of optimizing it. Using the DoPE
API, the application developer expresses parallelism options. Dur-
ing program execution, DoPE's run-time system uses this informa-
tion to dynamically optimize the parallelism options in response to
the facts on the ground. We easily port several emerging parallel


Source: August, David - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences