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Head-mounted eye-tracking of infants natural interactions: A new method

Summary: Head-mounted eye-tracking of infants natural interactions:
A new method
John M. Franchak
New York University
Kari S. Kretch
New York University
Kasey C. Soska
New York University
Jason S. Babcock
Positive Science
Karen E. Adolph
New York University
Currently, developmental psychologists rely on paradigms that
use infants' looking behavior as the primary measure. Despite
hundreds of studies describing infants' visual exploration of
experimental stimuli, researchers know little about where infants
look during everyday interactions. Head-mounted eye-trackers
have provided many insights into natural vision in adults, but
methods and equipment that work well with adults are not


Source: Adolph, Karen - Center for Neural Science & Department of Psychology, New York University


Collections: Biology and Medicine