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Math 2200 Practice Test 1 You are permitted a single 81

Summary: Math 2200 Practice Test 1
You are permitted a single 81
2 11 sheet of notes,
notes may be on both sides. There are five sections on this
test each of which has three problems. Hand in one prob-
lem from each section. If multiple problems are handed
in I will pick which one to grade based on which looks
easiest to grade. Crossing out a problem will remove it
from consideration. The test is graded out of 115 points -
be sure the problems you pick total enough to obtain the
grade you require.
1 Sequences
Problem 1 10 pts
Prove or disprove: The sequence {an : n = 0, 1, . . .} with
an = n
n2+1 converges.
Problem 2 15 pts
Prove or disprove: The sequence


Source: Ashlock, Dan - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Guelph


Collections: Mathematics