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Summary: www.electricitypolicy.org.uk
Metapolicy Options for Energy in England
EPRG Working Paper 0818
V Maugis and WJ Nuttall
This paper considers policy for policy-making "metapolicy". It specifically considers
the current structures for energy policy making in the United Kingdom. It focuses on
the situation applying in England and it notes the impact of devolution on energy
policy for the UK as a whole. Weaknesses in current policy making structures are
identified and three options for an alternative governmental structure for energy
policy making are analysed. The three options are a new Department for Energy
with a Secretary of State in the Cabinet; an Energy Agency perhaps with a strategic
remit and thirdly more cooperative policy structures between numerous institutional
actors. The analysis relies upon a series of interviews with a diverse community of
expert stakeholders with substantial experience of UK energy policy. The authors
conclude that metapolicy questions of this type are essentially political questions not
best suited to "scientific" assessment. Change should be driven by the electorate
and their elected representatives and anyone proposing a rational optimisation of
governance should be careful not to reduce democratic inputs to the process. The
authors' make a modest recommendation that the current Minister of State for


Source: Aickelin, Uwe - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences