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Brain Research,556(1991)303-310 @)1991ElsevierSciencePublishersB.V. All rightsreserved.0006-8993/91/$03.50

Summary: Brain Research,556(1991)303-310
@)1991ElsevierSciencePublishersB.V. All rightsreserved.0006-8993/91/$03.50
AD ONIS 000689939124765G
BRES 24765
Responsepropertiesof gerbilotolithafferentsto smallanglepitch and
J. David Dickrnanl, Dora E. Angelaki2and Manning J. Correia3
IDeparfrnentsof Surgery[Otol.oryngology] and.Anatomy, Univcrsity of MississippiMedical Cenar, Jocksorr,MS (A.S.A.), 2Departneft
ihysiolog,'univinitt of Minncson, Minneapotls, MN (ll.S.A.) and sDeponn nfr of Otol4ryngologt and Phtsiolory & Biophyrtu,
university of Texa Medical Bronch, Galveston, TX (U,S A.)
(Ac.epted 23 April 191)
Xey rords.' Vestibular; Otolith; Sensory;Lircar acceleration; Afferent
The responsesftom isolated siogle otolith afferent fibers were obtained to small angle sinusoidal Pitch and roll tilts in anesthetized gerbils.
The stimius directions that prod;ced the maximuri (respoosvector) aad minimum rcsponsesensitivities were determined for each otolith
afferent, with respoosevecto; for the units being sFead thoughout the horizontal plane, eimilar to lho! reported for other species.A breadth
of tudng measur; was derived, with narrowly tuned neurons rcsponding maximaly to stimulatioa in one direction aod minimally along atr
onhogoial (,null') dirertion. Most (-80%)'otolith afferetrts are trarrowly tuned, however, some frbers were broadly tuned responding
sigoidcantly io stimulations itr any direction in the horizontal pla[e. The nurber of broadly tutred otolilh affererrts(-2074) ditrers significantly
ftoE the more substantial number of broadly tuned vestibular nuclei neuons (887r) recntly reported i! rats.


Source: Angelaki, Dora - Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Washington University in St. Louis


Collections: Biology and Medicine