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The Uroepithelial-associated sensory web , E Balestreire1

Summary: The Uroepithelial-associated sensory web
G Apodaca1
, E Balestreire1
and LA Birder1
Laboratory of Epithelial Cell Biology and Renal-Electrolyte Division of the Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
An important, but not well understood, function of epithelial
cells is their ability to sense changes in their extracellular
environment and then communicate these changes to the
underlying nervous, connective, and muscular tissues. This
communication is likely to be important for tube- and
sac-shaped organs such as blood vessels, the lungs, the gut,
and the bladder, whose normal function can be modulated
by stimuli initiated within the epithelium. We propose that
the uroepithelium, which lines the renal pelvis, ureters, and
inner surface of the bladder, functions as an integral part of
a `sensory web.' Through uroepithelial-associated channels
and receptors, the uroepithelium receives sensory `inputs' such
as changes in hydrostatic pressure and binding of mediators


Source: Apodaca, Gerard - Departments of Medicine & Cell Biology and Physiology, University of Pittsburgh


Collections: Biology and Medicine