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Peer Teaching Extends HCI Learning Beryl Plimmer and Robert Amor

Summary: Peer Teaching Extends HCI Learning
Beryl Plimmer and Robert Amor
Department of Computer Science
University of Auckland
New Zealand
+64 9 3737599
Crafting a good user experience requires skills in several
disciplines. Few people have this breadth of knowledge, and
undergraduate computer science students are no exception.
Encouraging computer science students to appreciate the ways
that other disciplines contribute to Human Computer Interaction is
important, yet difficult. Our students learn about this disciplinary
interdependence through peer teaching as part of a group project.
Each group contains students with complementary skills and we
expect a transfer of knowledge. Here we discuss the educational
theory behind the project, the project's essential elements and an
evaluation of how it aids learning. The model we have developed
could be easily adapted for other courses which draw on diverse


Source: Amor, Robert - Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences