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ASTR 1120-001 Midterm 1 Phil Armitage, Bruce Ferguson

Summary: ASTR 1120-001 Midterm 1
Phil Armitage, Bruce Ferguson
2006: Closed books and notes, 1 hour. Please PRINT your
name and student ID on the places provided on the scan sheet. ENCODE your student number also on
the scan sheet.
Questions 1-10 are TRUE / FALSE, 1 point each. Mark (a) True, (b) False on scan sheet, using a number 2
1. Light of low frequencies has long wavelengths. TRUE
2. A photon of blue light has less energy than a photon of red light. FALSE
3. The speed of electromagnetic radiation in a vacuum increases with increasing photon energy. FALSE
4. The amplitude of electromagnetic radiation waves is a measure of the intensity of the radiation.
5. The Sun is mostly composed of helium. FALSE
6. Fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium nuclei releases energy. TRUE
7. The rate of nuclear fusion within the Sun varies with the Solar Cycle. FALSE
8. The pressure in the core of the Sun is larger than the pressure near the surface. TRUE
9. A star that appears dim is always further away than a star that appears brighter. FALSE
10. Higher temperature increases the rate of nuclear fusion reactions. TRUE
Questions 11-50 are MULTIPLE CHOICE, 1 point each. Mark scan sheet with letter of the BEST answer,


Source: Armitage, Phil - Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder


Collections: Physics