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Insights & Perspectives Planctomycetes and eukaryotes

Summary: Insights & Perspectives
Planctomycetes and eukaryotes:
A case of analogy not homology
James O. McInerney1)
, William F. Martin2)
, Eugene V. Koonin3)
, John F. Allen4)
Michael Y. Galperin3)
, Nick Lane5)
, John M. Archibald6)
and T. Martin Embley7)
Planctomycetes, Verrucomicrobia and Chlamydia are prokaryotic phyla,
sometimes grouped together as the PVC superphylum of eubacteria.
Some PVC species possess interesting attributes, in particular, internal
membranes that superficially resemble eukaryotic endomembranes. Some
biologists now claim that PVC bacteria are nucleus-bearing prokaryotes
and are considered evolutionary intermediates in the transition from
prokaryote to eukaryote. PVC prokaryotes do not possess a nucleus and
are not intermediates in the prokaryote-to-eukaryote transition. Here we


Source: Allen, John F. - School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London


Collections: Renewable Energy; Biology and Medicine