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Bibliography [1] John C. Reynolds. Intuitionistic reasoning about shared mutable data

Summary: Bibliography
[1] John C. Reynolds. Intuitionistic reasoning about shared mutable data
structure. In Jim Davies, Bill Roscoe, and Jim Woodcock, editors, Mil­
lennial Perspectives in Computer Science, pages 303--321, Houndsmill,
Hampshire, 2000. Palgrave.
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grams which alter data structures. In Bernard Meltzer and Donald
Michie, editors, Machine Intelligence 7, pages 23--50. Edinburgh Uni­
versity Press, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1972.
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munications of the ACM, 12(10):576--580 and 583, October 1969.
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ACM, 14(1):39--45, January 1971.
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mutable data structures. In Conference Record of POPL 2001: The
28th ACM SIGPLAN­SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Program­
ming Languages, pages 14--26, New York, 2001. ACM.
[6] Peter W. O'Hearn and David J. Pym. The logic of bunched implications.
Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 5(2):215--244, June 1999.
[7] David J. Pym. The Semantics and Proof Theory of the Logic of


Source: Andrews, Peter B. - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University


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