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Measuring Children's Phonemic Awareness through Blending Tasks Shizhen Wang

Summary: Measuring Children's Phonemic Awareness through Blending Tasks
Shizhen Wang
, Patti Price
, Yi-Hui Lee
and Abeer Alwan

Department of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles

PPRICE Speech and Language Technology Consulting
szwang@ee.ucla.edu, pjp@pprice.com, yihuilee@ucla.edu and alwan@ee.ucla.edu
In this paper, speech recognition techniques are applied to auto-
matically evaluate children's phonemic awareness through three
blending tasks (phoneme blending, onset-rhyme blending and
syllable blending). The system first applies disfluency detection
to filter out disfluent phenomena such as false-starts, sounding
out, self-repair and repetitions, and to localize the target answer.
Since most of the children studied are Hispanic, accent detec-
tion is applied to detect possible Spanish accent. The accent
information is then used to update the pronunciation dictionar-


Source: Alwan, Abeer - Electrical Engineering Department, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences