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BUS 361 040, CRN 20575 Management of Performance

Summary: BUS 361 040, CRN 20575
Management of Performance
12:30 3:15 MW ED 558

Professor: Aldene Meis Mason
Office: ED 524.7, Tel. 3372381, Fax 5854805
Home: 7896578 (please don't call after 9:00 PM)
Email: aldene.meismason@uregina.ca
Office Hours: Drop by, email or phone.
Class Web site: URCoursesBUS 361

Instructor accessibility: Please feel free to discuss any issues related to your success in the course such
as assignments, studying, exams grading, scheduling.

1.0 Calendar Description

This course takes the perspective of human resources professionals and is concerned with the design,
development, implementation, and evaluation of systems that measure, support, review and appraise
individual performance. These systems can help managers improve workforce effectiveness and address
performance problems. Prerequisite: BUS 250 (or ADMN 250) Note: Students may not receive credit for


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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