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Semicond. Sci. Technol. 14 (1999) 161167. Printed in the UK PII: S0268-1242(99)96129-1 Cathodoluminescence of

Summary: Semicond. Sci. Technol. 14 (1999) 161­167. Printed in the UK PII: S0268-1242(99)96129-1
Cathodoluminescence of
homogeneous cubic GaN/GaAs(001)
C Wang, D J As, B Sch¨ottker, D Schikora and K Lischka
Universit¨at Paderborn, Fachbereich Physik, D-33095 Paderborn, Germany
Received 20 July 1998, accepted for publication 11 November 1998
Abstract. The cathodoluminescence (CL) of cubic (c-) GaN epitaxial layers is investigated
at temperatures between 50 K and 300 K. The low temperature CL spectra show three well
resolved emission lines (3.26 eV, 3.17 eV and 3.08 eV) which are due to excitonic,
donor­acceptor and free to acceptor transitions. Spatially resolved measurements of the
intensity of the excitonic emission demonstrate the homogeneity of the layers which are free
of microcrystalline inclusions. The room temperature CL of the layers has a full width at half
maximum of 56 meV and is due to excitonic recombination as is concluded from the
zero-shift of the line position when the excitation intensity is varied over some orders of
magnitude. The intensity of a broad emission band at 2.4 eV shows a strong nonlinear
variation of the intensity at high excitation levels. Using a rate equation model for the near
band edge and the deep 2.4 eV emission we are able to describe the intensity variation of
these radiative transitions as a function of the excitation intensity. Depth resolved CL
measurements reveal a homogeneous depth distribution of deep recombination centres


Source: As, Donat Josef - Department Physik, Universität Paderborn


Collections: Materials Science; Physics