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Biology 445E Marine Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Biology Spring 2004

Summary: Biology 445E Marine Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Biology
Spring 2004
Meeting: Shannon Point Marine Center; M 8:00 - ~14:00
Course Instructor: Dr. Alejandro Acevedo-Gutiérrez
Office Hours: BI 309: T 9:30-11:40, 13:00:14:10; W 14:00-16:00
Phone/email: 650-3653; acevedo@biol.wwu.edu
Graduate Assistant: Jenny Pearson
Reading: Scientific papers and book chapters distributed throughout the course or available for
Communications: Blackboard
Course Objectives
This course will examine the link between the disciplines of behavioral ecology and conservation biology in the
marine environment and explore the different issues involved in marine conservation. We will ask two general
questions: how does an understanding of the behavior of marine animals contribute to conservation biology? and
how do social, scientific, political, educational and cultural issues influence conservation actions and outcomes?
By the end of this course you will: 1) understand how the study of the behavioral ecology of marine animals
contributes to better understand conservation problems and intervene in their solution; 2) be aware of the various
issues involved in conservation: scientific, social, cultural, educational, political; 3) identify major threats affecting
our local marine environment and offer solutions to them; 4) develop, design and implement a conservation-based
scientific project in collaboration with others; and 5) be comfortable with putting your ideas in writing and presenting


Source: Acevedo, Alejandro - Department of Biology, Western Washington University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology