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Dealing with Complex Networks of Process Interactions: A Security Measure

Summary: Dealing with Complex Networks of Process Interactions:
A Security Measure
P. Periorellis, O.C. Idowu, S.J. Lynden, M.P. Young, P. Andras
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Computing Science,
Claremont Tower 8th
floor, Newcastle, NE1 7RU, UK
The majority of faults and consequent errors and
failures in computer systems stem from the complexity
of the system itself [9]. Yet complexity as a non-
functional property is largely disregarded from initial
development phases or at best is considered
"manageable" by the process life cycle. Although at
large the property is considered as having being
conquered, valid sources inform us [8] that complexity
as a property -borne by the system or emergent- is the
cause of most failures. Furthermore the second most
frequent case of failures is that of interaction with the
system. In this paper we are looking at one aspect of


Source: Andras, Peter - School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences