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Weitere Kolloquiumstermine sind im WWW abrufbar. Fakultt II Informatik, Wirtschafts-und

Summary: Weitere Kolloquiumstermine sind im WWW abrufbar.
Fakultät II Informatik, Wirtschafts- und
Department für Informatik
Am Montag, dem 23. August 2010, um 16:15 Uhr hält
Prof. Hyungsuck Cho
Department of Robotics Engineering, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology
Daegu, Korea
einen Vortrag mit dem Titel
A Pathway to Intelligent Perception: Towards Intelligent Imaging
And Launching the Robotics Engineering Department at DGIST
Der Vortrag findet im OFFIS F02 statt.
Despite enormous research efforts in imaging related-hardware and software technologies over several decades, capacity,
capability and versatility of imaging systems in current use are still limited in its performance due to their inherent problem
such as aberration, small field of view, small depth of field, fixed viewing direction and low resolution, etc.
The first part of this talk highlights the research efforts made by OMSMI (Hyungsuck Cho's Lab) in KAIST to alleviate such
functional limitations. This research focuses on "one-step ahead" toward intelligent imaging technology making adaptation to
changes in imaging environment and condition. Variable view imaging, adaptive zooming, foveated imaging, super-resolution


Source: Appelrath, Hans-Jürgen - Department für Informatik, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences