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LikeaBridgeoverColored W ater:A M athematicalR eview

Summary: LikeaBridgeoverColored
W ater:A M athematicalR eview
RainbowsinA rt,M yth,and
S cience
Reviewed by John A . A dam
1360 NO T IC E S O F T H E A M S V O L U M E 49, NU M B E R 11
T h e R a in b o w B rid g e : R a in b o w s in A rt, M y th , a n d
S c ie n c e
Raymond L . L ee Jr. and A listair B. F raser
P ennsylvania S tate University P ress , 2 0 0 1
3 9 3 p ages, $ 6 5 .0 0
IS BN 0 -2 7 1 -0 1 9 7 7 -8
This is a magnificent and scholarly book, exquis-
itely produced, and definitely not destined only
for the coffee table. It is multifaceted in character,
addressing rainbow-relevant as-
pects of mythology, religion,
the history of art, art criticism,
the history of optics, the theory


Source: Adam, John A. - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Old Dominion University


Collections: Mathematics