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PDE NSM 1 Code 155115 Grading Policy 20102011

Summary: PDE NSM 1 Code 155115
Grading Policy 20102011
Onno Bokhove
The grade for PDE NSM 1 will be based on three combined numerical and theoretical
tasks and an oral exam at the end of the class. Each task contributes equally to the
final grade. There will be no written exam.
The theoretical part of the tasks will contribute to 1/3 of the interim grade, and
the numerical part contributes to 2/3 of the interim grade. The mark of the oral
examination is used to round off the interim mark with a maximum of plus or minus
one in order to obtain the final mark.
The theoretical and numerical part of the tasks I & II, and the theoretical and (part
of) numerical task III must be handed in before or at the due dates. Results handed
in after the discussion in the class will not be accepted.
The theoretical parts should be done individually, the numerical parts should be done
preferably in groups of at most two students.
After all tasks have been handed in the results will be discussed and questions about
part of the theory will be asked in an oral exam. Be prepared to answer also questions
about the tasks you made. All written material in the schedule will be part of the
Onno Bokhove will be lecturing the course. Supervision hours will be posted on black-


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


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