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Using Dynamic User Models in the Recognition of the Plans of the User

Summary: Using Dynamic User Models in the
Recognition of the Plans of the User
Liliana Ardissono and Dario Sestero
Dipartimento di Informatica ­ Universit`a di Torino
Cso Svizzera 185, 10149 Torino, Italy
email: fliliana, dariog@di.unito.it
This paper is concerned with information­seeking dialogues in a re­
stricted domain (we consider a consultation system for a Computer Sci­
ence Department, delivering information about the various tasks that the
users may want to perform: for example, how to access the library, get
information about the courses of the Department, etc) and presents a
framework where a plan recognition and a user modeling component are
integrated to cooperate in the task of identifying the user's plans and goals.
The focus of the paper is centered on the techniques used for building the
user model and exploiting it in the determination of the user's intentions.
For this task, we use stereotypes and we propose some inference rules for
expanding the user model by inferring the user's beliefs from both the
sentences s/he utters and the information stored in the plan library of the
system, that describes the actions in the domain. Moreover, we introduce


Source: Ardissono, Liliana - Dipartimento di Informatica, Universitą di Torino


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences