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Technion Israel Institute of Technology Faculty of Aerospace Engineering


Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Asher Space Research Institute
Space Activities in the State of Israel
Dr. Zvika Kaplan, Director General
Israel Space Agency
This year the global space community is celebrating over 50 years' anniversary of the "Space
Era." ("Sputnik 1, "the first artificial satellite, was launched on October 4 1957).
In the first part of my lecture, I shall address the present relevancy of space sciences and
technologies, and their contributions to our daily life from the economic, political and quality
Two questions will be discussed: "Why and How." Why space missions were highly
successful in attracting the massive resources of qualified manpower, and in creating
advanced physical infrastructures? What was the mechanism that enabled its feasibility?
Although the State of Israel started its space activities relatively late, only less than three
decades ago, its program presents a unique and original approach. Therefore, Israel was able
to position itself as one of the leading nations in the very important niche, of earth


Source: Adler, Joan - Physics Department, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Physics