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Physics 181 Exam 1 Practice Problems Dr. S..G. Alexander Miami University

Summary: Physics 181 Exam 1 Practice Problems
Dr. S..G. Alexander Miami University
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that BEST completes the statement or answers the question, and mark
your scan sheet (only the scan sheet will be graded).
Correct Answers: C, B, D, C, D, B
1) A package is dropped from a helicopter moving upward at 15 m/s. If it takes 16.0 s before the package strikes
the ground, how high above the ground was the package when it was released?
A) 810 m B) 1500 m C) 1000 m D) 1200 m
2) A person in a car is driving down a straight road. The instaneous acceleration is decreasing with time, but is
directed in the direction of the car's motion. The speed of the car is
A) decreasing with time. B) increasing with time.
C) constant. D) insufficient information to determine
^ ^ ^ ^
Given A = 3 i + 4 j and B = 2 i + 2 j , find the magnitude of C = A + 4 B .
A) 19 B) 13 C) 24 D) 16
4) A rescue plane spots a survivor 182 m directly below and releases an emergency kit with a parachute. If the
package descends at a constant vertical acceleration of 5.82 m/s2 and the initial plane horizontal speed was
72.6 m/s, how far away from the survivor will it hit the waves?
A) 406 m B) 4.54 km C) 574 m D) 602 m


Source: Alexander, Stephen G. - Department of Physics, Miami University (Ohio)


Collections: Physics