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Executive Committee Meeting Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summary: Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Present: Dean Curt Hunter, Kurt Anstreicher, Jane Schildroth, Jana Michael, Joyce Berg, Terry Boles, Pam
Bourjaily, Jim Chaffee, Jay Christensen-Szalanski, Cathy Cole, Rhoda Cummings, Colleen Downie, Susan Felker,
Sonja Rego, Melissa Baker, Lesanne Fliehler, Lynn Allendorf, Dee Hurst, Renea Jay, Larry Hershberger, Rob
Rouwenhorst, Joyce Ruplinger, Jay Sa-Aadu, John Solow, Barb Thomas, Paul Weller, and Vicki Wittenberg
Management and Organizations
Jay Christensen-Szalanski reported that the department is developing three tracks for undergraduate students:
Human Resource Management; Leadership and Management; and Entrepreneurship Management. They expect
students pursuing the entrepreneurial certificate to pursue the Entrepreneurship Management track. They are in
the process of informing the students of this option and expect to graduate students within these tracks within
the next 12-18 months. They also are developing an experiential component for all three tracks so that students
can better describe their personal experiences in these areas to potential employers.
Undergraduate Program Office
Susan Felker reported on the number of students interning in London (23), Paris (7), and Madrid (5). This year,
there will be 126 students coming into the Tippie College as Direct Admits. 54% of the Direct Admits are women;
42% are residents; and they have an average GPA of 3.94.
School of Management


Source: Anstreicher, Kurt M. - Department of Computer Science, University of Iowa


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences