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TEX Tricks for the Mathematician Helmer Aslaksen

Summary: TEX Tricks for the Mathematician
Helmer Aslaksen
Department of Mathematics
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117543
1 Introduction
TEX has changed the face of mathematical typesetting. Most books and articles are
produced using the author's TEX file. Is this a step forward? An expert TEXnician
can produce output of the highest standard, but the average TEX author/typist fails
miserably when compared to professional typesetting. The purpose of this article
is to point out some common errors.
2 Math tricks
Set operator names in roman. Math italics uses special spacing as in Spin.n/.
As a general rule, every mathematical term with more than one letter should be
set in roman. So please write Spin.n/, using $\operatorname{Spin}(n)$
or define a new command in the preamble. If you use the amsmath package you
can use \DeclareMathOperator{\Spin}{Spin}.


Source: Aslaksen, Helmer - Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore


Collections: Mathematics