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Utrophin Lacks the Rod Domain Actin Binding Activity of Dystrophin*

Summary: Utrophin Lacks the Rod Domain Actin
Binding Activity of Dystrophin*
(Received for publication, August 10, 1999)
Kurt J. Amann, Athena W.-X. Guo§, and James M. Ervasti¶
From the Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology and ¶Department of Physiology, University of Wisconsin
Medical School, Madison, Wisconsin 53706 and the §Department of Cell Biology and Neuroanatomy, University of
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
We previously identified a cluster of basic spectrin-
like repeats in the dystrophin rod domain that binds
F-actin through electrostatic interactions (Amann, K. J.,
Renley, B. A., and Ervasti, J. M. (1998) J. Biol. Chem. 273,
28419­28423). Because of the importance of actin bind-
ing to the presumed physiological role of dystrophin, we
sought to determine whether the autosomal homologue
of dystrophin, utrophin, shared this rod domain actin
binding activity. We therefore produced recombinant
proteins representing the cluster of basic repeats of the
dystrophin rod domain (DYSR11­17) or the homologous
region of the utrophin rod domain (UTROR11­16). Al-
though UTROR11­16 is 64% similar and 41% identical to


Source: Amann, Kurt - Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Training Program & Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Biology and Medicine