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Interpolation over Light Fields with Applications in Computer Graphics

Summary: Interpolation over Light Fields
with Applications in Computer Graphics£
F. Betul Atalayİ
David M. MountŞ
We present a data structure, called a ray interpolant tree, or RI-
tree, which stores a discrete set of directed lines in 3-space, each
represented as a point in 4-space. Each directed line is associated
with some small number of continuous geometric attributes. We
show how this data structure can be used for answering interpo-
lation queries, in which we are given an arbitrary ray in 3-space
and wish to interpolate the attributes of neighboring rays in the data
structure. We illustrate the practical value of the RI-tree in two
applications from computer graphics: ray tracing and volume vi-
sualization. In particular, given objects defined by smooth curved
surfaces, the RI-tree can produce high-quality renderings signifi-
cantly faster than standard methods. We also investigate a number
of tradeoffs between the space and time used by the data structure
and the accuracy of the interpolation results.
1 Introduction


Source: Atalay, F. Betül - Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Saint Joseph's University


Collections: Mathematics