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Correctness of Modelbased Component Composition without State Explosion ?

Summary: Correctness of Model­based Component Composition
without State Explosion ?
Paul C. Attie David H. Lorenz
Northeastern University
College of Computer & Information Science
Boston, Massachusetts 02115 USA
Abstract. We present a methodology for designing component­based systems
and verifying their temporal behavior properties. Our verification method is mostly
automatic, and is not susceptible to the well­known state­explosion problem,
which has hitherto severely limited the practical applicability of automatic ver­
ification methods. Our method specifies the externally visible behavior of each
component C as several behavioral interface automaton (BIA), one for each of
the other components which C interacts directly with. A BIA is a finite­state
automaton whose transitions can be labeled with method calls. For each pair of
directly interacting components, we compute the product of the BIA. These ``pair
machines'' are then verified mechanically. The verified ``pair properties'' are then
combined deductively to deduce global properties. Since the pair­machines are
the product of only two components, they are small, and so their mechanical veri­
fication, e.g., by model checking, does not run up against state­explosion. The use


Source: Attie, Paul - Department of Computer Science, American University of Beirut


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences