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OLC: Online Limited Lookahead Supervisory Control A Tool for Adaptive Control of Embedded Systems1

Summary: OLC: Online Limited Lookahead Supervisory Control
A Tool for Adaptive Control of Embedded Systems1
Summary of Features
Embedded computation systems are typically composed of software components integrated with physical
processes. Due to their complex nature traditional control and decision support techniques cannot be applied
directly to such systems. The OLC tool implements a novel approach to automatically handle the control
requirements. The tool employs a concrete and efficient limited lookahead control techniques to drive the
system to the desired domain of operation as specified by the user.
The limited lookahead control approach is applicable to various performance and resource management
problems, from those with simple dynamics to more complex ones, including hybrid event-driven systems and
those with long delay or dead times. In addition, it can accommodate changes to the system structure and
parameters, caused by internal failures or run-time changes to the system specifications. The underlying control
structure is easy to integrate with health monitoring and management components to form a fault adaptive
control structure. In addition, the tool provides an automated feasibility testing module that can provide precise
estimation of the accuracy of the limited lookahead control procedure. The figure below shows the main
components of the OLC tool.
The OLC tool suite has the following components:
g, editing, and maintaining system models and specification

f the


Source: Abdelwahed, Sherif - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vanderbilt University


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